What Our Customers Say

Knife and server was done perfectly, and it shipped very quickly! Very pleased and will be purchasing more! Thank you so much!

Excellent quality!!! Thank you so much for such a precious and beautiful gift for my godson!

Stunning, unique, and the perfect more modern award platter for our school's volunteer program. The recipient loved it, and the company was so attentive to messages and overall communication. Can't wait to order another gift soon!

We loved the entire thing!!! My uncle LOVED it! Greatest experience!!

Perfect gift this holiday season! Made my mom tear up, which is hard to do. Thank you!

The set that I ordered was PERFECT! The craftsmanship was OUTSTANDING! The set exceeded my expectations. Even the way you packaged the gift when you sent it to me showed that you spared no detail. This gift was for my granddaughter Avery's 1st birthday. Her parents were very pleased with the gift; Dana actually cried when she saw the gift (it made her so happy). I wanted this gift for Avery from me (Grandpa) to be one that she would treasure for her lifetime; I believe that it will.

This seller is amazing! Had a small problem with my order, they solved the issue right away!! Very fast shipping and very nice people! This is such a nice gift for a very special person who likes to bake!

It's so gorgeous!!! Exactly as ordered and beautiful, came in just a couple of days. I have a cup like this that was given to me as a baby, so it was a very sentimental thing for me to buy one for my new daughter. I know my baby will cherish this cup for a lifetime!!